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Tony's Custom Painting is locally owned and operated with over 13 years of experience serving the families and businesses of Missoula and the surrounding areas 

Tony's Custom Painting offers a variety of painting services, both residential and commercial, and we've made it our top priority to provide you, our valued clients, with exceptional quality and service. Every time. No exceptions. 

We're lucky enough to live and work in our Montana area. Being Montanans ourselves, we understand the families and businesses of Montana that have made their homes here . At Tony's Custom Painting, it's our honor to be a part of your next project. 





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Go Green !

Let's all join the cause! We understand your concerns about protecting the Earth's environment and protecting your health and well being. By using "Green" paints, we can help reduce the amount of environmentally harmful vapors released into the atmosphere plus provide you with a durable long-lasting paint job.

 Go Green !


New Construction

Are you building your dream home? Or maybe you're adding on to your home because of a new addition to the family? That means you're going to need painting done too. We're here to help take the pain out of painting for you. From preparing the walls, to making sure that your new rooms are inviting and warm, Tony's Custom Painting has you covered. Building a home is an exciting time, and since we want to be your painter for life, we are happy to help with the project.

Our full-time staff of professional painters can help turn blank drywall and plaster into rooms that belong in your dream home. We always use the highest quality products, and we have the experience to get the job done right the first time.  

If you're still planning your project, it's the perfect time to give us a call. Let us come out and quote your project - we can even give it to you based on the blueprints; it's FREE and it will help you plan the rest of the project.




Residential Repaints

Whether you’re selling your house or want your home to be the neighborhood standout, nothing helps curb appeal like a professional exterior paint job. A fresh coat of interior paint in vibrant hues can chase the blues away, or you can bring in the calming freshness of springtime with your new color choices. When you use professional painters, you can forget time consuming prep work, messy clean up, and expensive paint disposal. 


WHY YOU SHOULD USE  Tony's Custom Painting LLC
We DO NOT use subcontractors. Some painting companies don’t even bother to hire their own employees.  Why? Because if they hire a “sub-contractor” to do the work for them, they won’t have to pay things like liability insurance (which protects YOU if they mess up your property), worker’s compensation insurance (protects YOU if a worker gets hurt on your property), and payroll taxes.  What this means is the person that is working on your property may or may not have the proper insurance if the painter makes a mistake and damages your property or gets hurt while working on it.

Sub-contractors are also their own bosses so you really have no recourse through the company you THOUGHT you were getting service from.  Another reason to ONLY buy from a painting company that does not use sub-contractors, is that most of these companies that have made the commitment to hiring their own workforce tend to be financially stable and have devoted the time, energy, and money into training their staff in the latest and greatest products, procedures, and techniques.